For a different type of party, how about offering a Stonesfield Soap party?  We are now offering parties to let you and your guests make various bath and body products in the comfort of your own home or party venue.  Choose from bath bombs, melts, salts, and balms (lip and body), or a combination, and we will come to you with everything you need.  You will end up with finished product/s of your choice, beautifully packaged.

We can tailor the party to accommodate the requirements of children, teens and adults (including hen parties and baby showers).  Prices will vary, depending on age and number of guests and the type of party chosen, but they start from £9.00 a head for a simple children’s party.

What you get:
Our expertise and all the raw ingredients needed for the product/s that you choose. We would need access to a power supply and suitable table, but that is about it.  We would give you some background on the product and the raw ingredients used, take you through the instructions carefully and then make the product with you.  You and your guests will be able to choose from a wide selection of essential oils, natural extracts, natural colours and botanicals to tailor your products to your own requirements. Should you wish, we can also supply cosmetic grade glitter for that extra sparkle.  We will provide labels and suitable packaging as well as a lovely bag in which to take the product/s home.

To find out more about our party options, please contact us.